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Lake Fish Management

Current Lake Ponderosa Fishing Regulations:

  • Largemouth Bass – Catch and Release
  • Walleyes – 5 fish per day between 16” and 19”. Release fish less than and greater than the slot
  • Crappie and Bluegill – Catch and keep – No limit
  •  Catfish – Catch and keep – No limit

 Please abide by these regulations so we can continue to have a first-class fishery. You are not required to have a fishing license. If you leave lake property with fish in your possession, Iowa DNR rules apply.

 Ice Fishing – Starting winter of 2018, lake residents will be asked to purchase a $5.00 (one time) ice fishing sticker that is to be visible while ice fishing. The purpose of the ice fishing sticker is to discourage the public from fishing on our lake. Ice fishing is open to lake property owners and their family.


Lake/Fish Management Report 2019

Lake Fish Management Report  2021

 Rock Reef Added to East Lake!

On Wednesday April 22nd approximately 60 tons of rock was placed into the water on east lake to create a reef like fish habitat.  BIG THANKS to Superior Seawalls and Harry Meek for working together on this project! And thanks to the lake owners who have donated funds to the Lake Ponderosa Association to maintain and improve the fish habitat here at lake Ponderosa!

East Lake reef installed.

On October 21, 2019 the lake Association hired Beemer Fisheries (Bedford IA) to introduce 1,000 6” to 8” walleyes into the lake.

Walleye Restocking