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Some great catches here at Ponderosa!

28" Walleye Caught and Released 9-12-2017
David Brian
252 East Side Lane

15" Crappie caught by Todd Hendershot.
Ice fishing on 2/8/15

Wesley Allen 155 Whippoorwill Rd.
27 Walleye at 11:30 at night July 2013 caught and released

6 lb11oz. Walleye caught by Randy Lee on Labor Day weekend 2013 near
the mouse hole on a minnow.

50# 40" Flat Head caught by John Fitzgerald (on his 61st birthday)
At 350 Hillcrest Ridge.
Aug. 3, 2013
Dean Fogarty also pictured.

This fish was caught buy Dennis
Kilburg's son. Weight between 35-40 lbs.
Week of July, 28 2013

Keegan O'Connell
233 Eastside lane
 16"+ Crappie
 Caught June 23rd

Sherry Beasley
237 Whippoorwill Rd.
27' , 7 lb. Walleye. Caught on May 4, 2013
Caught and released.




  13.5"crappie 9" blue gill.  A bucket of Blue Gills and Crappies.  A total of 5 full buckets of these awesome big fish so far this year.
Tim Coleman, Center Point Dr. Sat. 2/02/13

Nice 22.5 in. Walleye caught by
John Van Hyning  9/15/12

Large Bass caught and released on 8/14/12
226 Horseshoe Drive
Bruce York

Large 44"-35 lbs, Flat Head Catfish July 28,2012
219 Whippoorwill Rd
Aaron DeGoey

Large Walleye caught and released. Middle of July 2012
Rick Beasley

Great Walleye 23.5" long, caught ice fishing this winter.
Bruce York

Monster Crappie  2 lbs. 9 oz, 18 3/4" caught May 20, 2012.
Randy Lee 188 Center Point Drive

Huge 40 lb. Flathead Catfish, March 17, 2012
Matt Cowin

Large 10" Bluegill, Catch in mid-April
 Don Good, Hillcrest Ridge

15" Crappie caught this winter ice fishing.
Don Good, Hillcrest Ridge