Lake Ponderosa 2022 Annual Membership

In 2021 your $35.00 membership dues helped to accomplish all of these important activities necessary to keep our lake safe and enjoyable…..

  • No Wake Buoys – repaired and replaced buoys
  • Entrance Signs – repaired road entrance signs
  • Boat Entrance – dock and gate maintenance/upkeep
  • Contingency Fund – funds held in reserve to respond to urgent situations
  • Association Building – maintenance and upkeep.

What does the Lake Ponderosa Association do?

  • Communication – work to keep property owners informed of issues and information about the lake via the Anchor newsletter, website and e-mails
  • Fireworks – organize event, fundraising, secure vendor, sort and redeem cans/bottles (along with volunteers)
  • Water Quality Testing – trained individual takes samples and tests for clarity, nitrates, etc.
  • Ecoli Testing – individual takes samples and sends to the University of Iowa Hygienic Lab for testing
  • Tornado Siren – own, maintain and test the tornado siren
  • Organize and lead events: Kids Fishing Derby, pancake breakfast, learning/safety events, etc.
  • Fish Management – manage fish population and annual re-stocking
  • Financials – manage budget/expenses, insurance, contingency fund, etc.
  • Maintain and distribute Welcome Packets to new residents

Please consider supporting these and other valuable activities by completing the 2022 Lake Ponderosa Membership Form and returning it along with your membership dues.  Thank you for your continued support of the Lake Ponderosa Association!