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Lake Patrol

Lake patrol is provided and managed by Ponderosa Utilities, not the lake association. Lake patrol starts on Memorial Day weekend and runs through Labor Day weekend. Normally patrolling hours are Friday evenings 4:00-7:00, Saturday’s 10:00-7:00 and Sunday’s 10:00-6:00. Hours may vary due to weather, activity on the lake and holidays. Please contact the lake office at (641) 623-3009 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the lake patrol. 

Reckless driving and operating motorized water vessels while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances are criminal offenses that can be enforced in court.  The Lake Patrol Officer who observes an operator who he has reasonable grounds to believe to be intoxicated shall request the operator to leave the lake, and if they do not, he will contact the Sheriff. In cases of reckless driving, which is where a person’s conduct is such that a reasonable person would believe it endangers life or property (mere speed is not enough) will receive an oral warning.  Second offense, they will receive a written warning, and on the third occurrence the Ahrens family shall be requested to file preliminary information to the County Attorney.